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Happy Summer toy geeks! Pick a shady spot and dig into LPM #! Inside you’ll find features on the explosion of action figure Kickstarters, a quick history of ZBots, a ‘cool’ figure mystery and more…

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littleplasticmen Vol 1, No 2 is here…

Greetings figure fans! We’re back! Inside LPM #2 you find exclusive news from Quantum Mechanix, a sculptor profile of Peter Kelley, a Q&A session with Zica Toys’ Craig Owen and more!

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littleplasticmen Vol 1, No 1 is here…

Welcome action figure faithful to the premiere issue of littleplasticmen magazine! Inside we have exclusive interviews with Anaglyph Sculpture’s Scott Hensey and Plan B Toys’ Jay Borman, along with news, reviews and more!

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Welcome to littleplasticmen! by admin on Oct 20, 13

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    In our most recent issue, we detailed a lawsuit between sculptor Rocco Tartamella and the partners of Capo Toys in a New Jersey court. As you may have surmised by the emergence of the Street Fighter Kickstarter campaign, the suit has been resolved.
    “There was an amicable settlement, which I can not legal disclose,” Tartamella told LPM. “However I did retain full ownership and control over everything Capo. The last piece of the puzzle is the funding for the company. So, we are trying all means possible, Kickstarter seemed most logical, since I don't want partners again, for obvious reasons. The lawsuit was a complete shock to me, and some days I still can't believe my family and I went through seven months of it. I had a great team of lawyers on my side to defend my copyright ownership.”
    According to Tartamella, who said he was always a 40% owner of the company -- and now retains full ownership, former partner Joe Veteri and investment partner Thomas Fish are ‘no longer a part of Capo in any way.’
    Attempts to contact Veteri and Fish have not been successful.
    The Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking $85,000 to bring a 7” scale line of Street Fighter figures to market, is approved by Capcom, according to Tartamella.
    “I want to sculpt every character from Street Fighter, and with fan support that can happen!” he said.
    Click the link below to head over to the Capo Street Fighter Kickstarter page.

    Street Fighter™ Articulated Ryu Action Figures, Capo Toys.

    Capo Toys Presents Street Fighter Action Figures Series on Kickstarter.

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