littleplasticmen Vol 1, No 2 - page 5

Welcome action figure faithful!
GREETINGS action figure fans... Has
it been three months already?! The
answer to that question is an emphatic
‘YES!’ we’re back. In this issue,
we’re packed with good amounts of old
and new... and a bit of in-between. For
our studio profile, we talked exclusive-
ly with Peter Kelley of Kelley Studio in
New York state. While the name might
not ring a bell, his work surely will...
especially if you’re a Marvel Legends
or Star Wars collector. Kelley has
sculpted toys for going on two decades
and has become extremely prolific as
a digital artist. He tells us how he got
started in the business, his perspective
on the evolution of 3D sculpting and
how technology continues to impact
how toys get made.
Switching coasts, we paid a visit
to the crew at Quantum Mechanix to
check in on the development of the
Q-Pops line, but we got a lot more
(See Pg. 8). Andy Gore and his crew
spilled the beans on more than one
upcoming project... which, I’m proud
to say, you’ll read about exclusively in
littleplasticmen Magazine
! Andy also
walks us through the genesis of QMx
and its creative focus on more obscure,
yet fan-supported, properties.
We also visit with Kentucky-based
Zica Toys and president Craig Owen,
who lets us in on some of the details
regarding their push into the retro space
with licenses like Captain Action and
The Six Million Dollar Man. He also
talks a bit about his involvement with
BifBangPow!’s upcoming Twilight
Zone retro figures.
For our recurring features, our brick
master Jeff Ball takes a look at the new
Simpsons House playset and minifigures
from Lego. He also suggests another
property or two that would fit the Danish
toymaker’s approach to the license.
This issue’s Prototypically Unproduc-
tive feature looks at the short life and
quick death of Coleco’s Sectaurs line
with help from co-creator Tim Clarke
and uber-collector Tony Fowler.
Show coverage this issue comes in the
form of Toy Fair International in New
York and Monsterpalooza in California.
In Manhattan, we round up what we
consider the highlights of the exhibition,
while for the Burbank scarefest, we let
our camera do the talking for a four-
page photo spread of terrifying transfor-
mations and creepy collectibles.
We also have new ViG entries for the
collector looking to make a buck, toy
Blake Wright
reviews including products from Funko,
Jakks and much more. Happy reading!
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