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One-sixth scale, articulated Firefly figures first up, other properties to follow...
CALIFORNIA-based Quantum Mecha-
nix (QMx) is targeting a fourth quarter
release for its first-ever articulated
figure - a 1/6th-scale Captain Malcolm
Reynolds from Joss Whedon’s fan-
favorite sci-fi romp Firefly. The entry
into the 1/6th-scale action figure market
puts QMx in competition with the likes
of Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles,
but the newcomer is already looking to
shake things up by landing on a lower
price point. Work on the Mal figure is
ongoing (see photos, right). QMx boss
Andy Gore told
artist Trevor Grove was tapped to do the
likeness for Mal... and the second figure
slated for the line, Jayne Cobb.
“This is our first foray into articu-
lated figures,” confirmed Gore. “We’ve
had the rights for a little while. We
were just waiting to assemble the right
creative team to do it. We really need to
make sure that it is done properly.”
Mal will boast film-accurate apparrel
and accessories, and the line will be
packaged in a collector-friendly box
that will allow for display of the figure
still in-package. Gore adds that the
figure will also be removeable without
destroying the package.
“He’ll have a ton of accessories,”
said Jared Chapman, QMx’s head of
product management. “He comes with
seven inter-changeable hands... two of
them are the gloves that you sometimes
see him wear. The other hands are for
holding pistols, laser guns, communica-
tors... We even did the little dog tag that
goes around his neck.”
Guns included with Mal will include
his trusty pistol along with the Las-
siter laser pistol. Jayne will also have
a number of accessories, including his
beloved ‘Vera’ and the Boo pistol.
“We don’t have final pricing, but our
goal is to come to market well below
what people normally pay for these
pieces... which is the kind of thing
we like doing when we come into a
market,” explained Gore. “My expecta-
tion is around $150 with all the kit. If
we can get it lower, we will. We’ll see
where we are at the end because I don’t
want to compromise the quality of the
product to hit an artificial price point.”
The Mal figure, which will boast
38-points of articulation, currently is
expected to ship around the October/
November timeframe. Gore said he’d
like to get to a point where QMx could
release two to three 1/6th-scale articu-
lated figures per year. He also is keen
on branching out to other properties.
“Also next year, I don’t know if this will
happen... this is sort of a stretch goal...
but our goal is to get some articulated go-
ing for some other properties,” he said,
alluding to Star Trek as a possible target.
As for expansion into smaller scale
articulated figures, Gore is hesitant to
commit given the fresh launch of the
1/6th-scale effort, but he did say that if
they could do something no one else was
doing (articulated Little Damn Heroes
anyone?), he would never say never.
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